Thursday, October 1, 2015

What better way to promote your business then a cool give-away.  It is just one more thing you can do to help grow your business.  There are numerous ways to market your business. promotional items is a great one because the item stays in front of the customer/potential customer long after you stopped talking to them about your business.  Minuteman Press of Levittown can help you choose the right item that will work best for your company.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How a professional printing firm can use color to drive sales

Direct mail advertising continues to be a very effective promotional tool in the United States, and postcard printing firms can offer some very helpful advice when it comes to creating products that will get results.

One area in which they are particularly skilled is the use of color to catch attention and turn passersby into buyers of a company’s product or service.

Different colors can evoke a range of emotions and responses, and part of this is due to what they are associated with. For example, a firm that wants to portray an image of being environmentally friendly will be well advised to use green and brown in their postcard and promotional designs.

Red, on the other hand, is exciting and can evoke a sense of urgency, such as in the words “buy now”. Gold, black, and white are viewed by many as being “classic” colors, while yellow is calming and associated with warmth and fun, and blue can indicate a sense of calmness and relaxation. This would be a feeling that a spa or massage therapist might wish to provoke, which would make these hues an ideal choice for them.

A print company can work with their client to determine which colors will perform best for them and their postcards, or other advertising materials. They can even give suggestions about how they can be included in the logo design. This makes it possible to tie all of this together into an overall brand image that will best suit a particular company and the customers they wish to attract. The end results will often be a rise in sales and an increase in the number of new customers.

Minuteman Press
Minuteman Press
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Monday, July 14, 2014

Printing, Consulting and Minuteman Press

MC Levy and Company adds print services to the growing list of ways to help their small business customers GROW.

People have asked me why in the world would I want to get into Printing.  I even asked myself the same question.  So when I was working on how to expand my Consulting business (MC Levy and Company Inc.) I came across the Minuteman Press Franchise.  I had the pleasure of spending some time with the Franchisor Bob Titus who initially welcomed me to discuss this business.  The first question I asked is "why would I want to buy a print business, if "printing was dead".  He chuckled and said, and I am paraphrasing, "you are right, the printing industry as a whole is dying.... except Minuteman for each and every of the last 40 years has gone up in revenues."

How is that possible?  Well, the Minuteman system is designed to grow in many different ways.  Minuteman is no longer just ink on paper.  Minuteman now offers signage, banners, web development, SEO, promotional items and now even 3D printing (only at the Levittown store - which happens to be mine).  Not only has Minuteman expanded its offerings to small businesses, professional offices, schools etc. but it also buys up small individually owned print shops that do not have the backing of a Franchise that is number one in printing and in the top 50 of overall franchises.  So that is how that business keep growing.

So I went out and bought one to enable my consulting business expand its customer base.  Now all under the same roof within the Minuteman Press of Levittown, we offer help in marketing and growing YOUR business.

Here is the info about the Minuteman Press Levittown shop:

Minuteman Press is a diversified up-to-date print shop. We can output digitally, in full color or black and white, using your digital files or our in-house created graphic files.
We now offer 3D PRINTING right on our premises. Come watch this very cool new technology with your own eyes. We are the first Minuteman Press Franchise to offer in house 3D printing.
We are a full service printing, marketing design Company, that offers all types of business service such as advertising, printing, direct mail, EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail - no lists) as well as WEB DEVELOPMENT and DIGITAL MARKETING. We design and print anything to help your business grow including websites and social media pages.
If you need your artwork created, in PC or Mac format, we can do that too! We also offer over 500,000 advertising specialties to help promote your business. Quality, service and an aim to please are our goals. We know you will enjoy doing business with us, so why not give us a try!
Please contact us if you need help with any printing or marketing needs for your business. We have over 100 years' experience combined to help with any aspect of your business needs. Let us know how we can help you today!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Consulting for Small Businesses - How to get the most out of your ERP!

Consulting for small & medium size Manufacturing Companies that are trying to implement integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems or currently having issues with their ERP.

The paragraphs below summarize the "types" of manufacturing companies that could use my services

MC Levy and Company FOCUSES ON:

1. Companies that have purchased an Integrated Manufacturing/Accounting
System in the last 5 Years.
2. Companies that purchased ERP systems and expected improvements in:
• Return On Investment (ROI),
• Inventory Management,

• Customer Service …
But did not meet the expectations that the company had when they originally justified purchasing the system.

3. Companies that are only utilizing 10% - 15% of the system’s functional capability.


Why does a company need MC Levy and Company’s assistance in implementing ERP?

(a) Basically 85% - 90% of the companies that purchase an ERP system "DO NOT" receive the benefits & cost savings that they thought they were going to receive when they justified purchasing the system... the basic reason was that they did not perform the "initial planning" that determined their "expectations" and those "non ERP" areas which needed to be "fixed/improved" before they were ready for the ERP System..... this "PREPLANNING" normally is not done because "it appears" not to add value to the implementation effort.... a BIG MISTAKE!!!

(b) Normally (lean & mean) Medium & Small Manufacturing Companies (1) “DO NOT” have the personnel that have the experience of implementing an ERP System or if they do, (2) the personnel does not have the time to devote 100% of his/her time to manage the ERP Project.

(c) MC Levy and Company acts as a buffer/project manager for the client as well as the vendor that provides the ERP Software/Services/Training. During the initial phase of the implementation, MC Levy and Company helps confirm that all of the information (Part Numbers, Descriptions, BOM's, Inventory Data Accuracy...etc.) is within acceptable limits “before” any type of implementation tasks can begin. MC Levy and Company works with both the client/users & vendor to insure that the tasks defined in the project plan/implementation schedule is completed in a timely & satisfactory manner.

(d) Based on (a), (b), (c), the use of MC Levy and Company is a WIN-WIN situation for (A) The client…. They receive a working ERP System that meets their expectations (saves $, improved customer performance….etc.), and (B) the vendor ….. another Happy Customer, additional services & seats, and an excellent reference.

Most of the difficulty for manufacturing companies in implementing a “successful” ERP system is (1) Lack of education in understanding the complexity of an ERP system and the business processes in the company, (2) lack of planning at the front end to understand what resources (labor & $) will be required to implement the system, (3) and trying to bite off more than you can chew.

Call to speak with me for a consultation and I will put you on the path you desire and need to help grow your business.

Michael Levy


MC Levy and Company Inc.
PO Box 158
Old Westbury, NY 11568

Ph # 516-508-1293

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Adding a Shout Widget and or QR code to your blog!

Did you know you can add a Shout widget to your blog so you can be heard in your blog? Check out and add your voice to Twitter & Facebook as well as across ALL social networks, web spaces, YOUR BLOG and not even offline with our Audio QR Codes. Listen to me right here! Shoutomatic also offer two different types of widgets and QR codes, a dynamic one or an individual Shout one. 
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Adding a Voice in social networking for your company

Do you want to have your business HEARD in your social networks? ShoutOmatic not only adds a voice, but also emotion, tonality and authenticity that is not normally there. A great way to engage with your fans/likes/followers and friends is by adding your Voice. Companies can really take advantage of our platform and not only be heard but be seen with their own Shout landing page (see below).

Let me know if I can help any of you set up your business on to add another dimension to your social media arsenal.