Michael Levy and his dedicated team make it affordable and attractive for people to become walking billboards for your business.
International Warehouse custom branded apparel produced by the Minuteman Press printing franchise in Levittown, Long Island, NY. https://www.shop.minutemanpress.com/franchise/about-minuteman-press/our-business/products-services
International Warehouse custom branded apparel produced by the Minuteman Press printing franchise in Levittown, Long Island, NY.
As a business owner, you should know that imprinting your logo onto custom branded promotional apparel is a must today and it is increasingly inexpensive to do so, but only if you know where to go for expert guidance.  After all, ringer tees, baseball tees and Varsity tees are just some of the promotional t-shirts on the backs of people from every demographic these days and a great majority of them bear some kind of brand.
Minuteman Press International is the modern printing industry and that means their franchise owners are continually empowered with new purchasing power that they can immediately impart to their clients. As part of a dedicated charge to build business together with their increasingly motivated client base, Minuteman Press franchise owners such as Michael Levy in Levittown, NY, recently attended their system-wide World Expo 2017.  There, they learned about new technologies, enjoyed fellowship and attended educational break-out sessions, to the great benefit of all who would call them partners in business at their full-service marketing centers back home.
“While at Minuteman Press International World Expo 2017, I learned that I had the equipment and in-house capability to produce high-quality screen-printed shirts.  So I immediately told a few customers and in the two weeks following the Expo, I had received over $5000 worth of screen printing jobs.  I now offer in-house screen printing.” – Michael Levy, franchise owner, Minuteman Press Levittown
Michael and his 950+ fellow Minuteman Press franchise owners worldwide are freshly updated on the new offerings and the increasing capabilities they possess, a direct benefit of the partnerships their franchisor has negotiated with select vendors.  Just one of these benefits is affordable, high-quality screen printing that can be done in-house.  Michael says, “I came back from the World Expo and I told my staff that I learned we can easily take care of screen printing in our center, with no need to rely on outside vendors.  I already had the right equipment and I learned that my franchisor arranged special pricing with vendors for the transfer sheets we need.  During the vendor show, I met representatives from two companies who were eager to receive my orders.  It was an exciting discovery that alone was worth the trip. I came home with the knowledge that I could open new doors in marketing through promotional apparel for all of my motivated clients.”
Jay Joel has been grateful for his partnership with Michael Levy at Minuteman Press long before he ever placed his first screen-printed apparel order.  Michael has proven to help him directly as he grows his business, International Warehouse, through the endless ways a brand can be promoted beyond print on paper today.
Jay explains, “Michael and Minuteman Press have done many other print/promo/marketing items for my business, International Warehouse, such as mugs, plastic replica trucks, business cards and bar-coded labels (along with many other items). Still, when I called him on a Monday, I kind of laughed/cringed when I then told him I needed 288 t-shirts for the company picnic by that Friday.  I was crossing my fingers that he can pull through and get 288 t-shirts done and in my hands by that Friday.”  When the deadline came, in the tradition of the best Minuteman Press franchise owners, Michael came through for Jay, in spite of the time crunch. “Luckily, he not only delivered the t-shirts to my house on his way home from work on that Friday, but they also were of high quality and looked great!  I was very pleased to hand them out at our company picnic.  I am very appreciative of Michael and the Minuteman Press team getting the artwork, production and delivery of these shirts…with time to spare.  That’s why when any print/promo/marketing comes up, I call them.”
Samples of additional promotional products produced by Michael Levy and his Minuteman Press Levittown team for International Warehouse. https://www.shop.minutemanpress.com/franchise/about-minuteman-press/our-business/products-services
Samples of additional promotional products produced by Michael Levy and his Minuteman Press Levittown team for International Warehouse.
Michael Jutt, Executive Vice President and Director of Training for Minuteman Press International touches on the reason Minuteman Press franchise owners (and their clients, such as Jay) are particularly excited about screen printing these days.  He says, “Apparel is the largest of our promotional product offerings and we have negotiated ideal pricing with select vendors for the transfer sheets our franchise owners need to meet the high demand that exists.  As a result, Minuteman Press centers are well-able to provide screen printing with fast turnaround times, on premises, using durable plastisol ink. The end result is as high-quality and attractive as it is cost effective for customers.”
Screen-printed apparel is just one prime jewel in the colorfully-adorned marketing crown of the world’s most respected franchise in the printing industry.  As Jay Joel confirms, “I know when dealing with Michael Levy and Minuteman Press, I will get what I want, when I need it; and I will be very pleased with the end result.”
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